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These are applied to the outer (exposed) parts of the bed, and not to the slats beneath the mattress.

Please note that it is virtually impossible to make one species of wood look like another, or to make new wood like old. Also the colours displayed may differ according to your monitor settings.


PLAIN: Finely sanded and prepared. (There is a cost saving)

CLEAR VARNISH: A durable, low sheen clear lacquer that protects and enhances the natural qualities of the wood.

STAINED & VARNISHED: A coloured wood stain is applied, followed by a low sheen lacquer.

Unlike paints, these can be unpredictable. The lighter finishes are prone to variation because the underlying wood characteristics always vary. Darker stains are more predictable because the pigments are stronger. However, freshly stained pine generally enhances with age as the natural characteristics of the wood emerge.
The samples on display can therefore only be a guide. If the colour is of utmost importance, it is advisable to choose a complementary, rather than an exact match to an existing finish.

OILED OAK: A maintainable finish that is hard to damage or mark. We apply pure Chinese Tung oil, which can thereafter be revived from time to time using any good proprietary furniture oil.

SPECIAL FINISHES:  These are available at extra cost.
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