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Why choose a Litvinoff and Fawcett mattress?

All of our mattresses are designed to provide a high level of support. Therefore be careful not to choose the firmest solely in the belief that it is a better mattress, or that it will be better for you….

Choose the one that feels most comfortable and meets your budget.

How firm?


Many returning customers replace  mattresses which have given more than 20 years of good service. However, after  experiencing the luxury and comfort of a new mattress, some regret not having come back a little earlier.

How long will they last?

All should remain in a serviceable condition for at least 10 years with reasonable care, providing that they are well ventilated, never folded and turned regularly. Lighter occupants will benefit from the longest use.

Choosing for children

Wear lightweight, loose clothing.   Take your time.  Trust your instincts .

You can't judge a book by its cover  -  and the same goes for a mattress !


Prices and Specifications


Never fold a sprung mattress as this will permanently damage the springs. If it is necessary to bend a mattress to gain access to a room, this is potentially damaging. Larger mattresses are particularly vulnerable. In such circumstances ‘Pocket’ sprung mattresses are more flexible than ‘open' coil and therefore a safer choice.

All can be damaged if subjected to excessive wear, for example by repeatedly standing, jumping or placing heavy objects on them. All should be aired regularly.


From the very first day, the area you sleep on will sink a little. This settlement process is normal. The higher the quality and the more deeply filled the mattress, the more noticeable this may be.

In order to avoid the formation of ridges and bumps, during the first three months they should be turned every three weeks. Thereafter, every few months (and more frequently if there is a marked difference between the weight of the occupants).

Alternate between turning over and rotating from head to foot to ensure even settlement and to minimise the effect of sleeping or sitting on the same area every day.

If this advice is adhered to, the settlement process will eventually stabilise and less frequent turning will be required.

Do not apply excessive stress on the handles. These are for positioning and not for carrying or turning it.

A well ventilated, flat base is essential. A natural filled mattress needs air to circulate freely, or it will trap moisture caused by perspiration and dampness. This can cause odour and hasten deterioration. A washable mattress protector will help to maintain hygiene.

Providing there is adequate ventilation from below and around the edge, the base may be wooden or upholstered. If a pocket sprung mattress is to be placed on a wooden slatted base, the slats should be no more than 6 cm (2¼”) apart.


A new mattress, much like a new pair of shoes may take a little while to get used to. It may sometimes release a slight odour. This will disperse once it has been well aired. Allow sufficient time for the fillings to settle and for your body to adjust to the changes.


Detergents and chemical cleaners may cause damage and discolouration. Stains and spillages should be soaked up with an absorbent, dry cloth and the mattress should be well aired. Mild, soapy water may be used as a last resort. Avoid soaking the mattress as this may also cause damage. Dust and fluff should be removed with a soft brush when necessary. Excessive vacuuming may disturb the fillings.


For tall children or for those with limited bed space we make non standard sizes quickly and economically. Open coil mattresses can be made in increments of 3" (7.5 cm). Pocket sprung mattresses can be made to any size.   (modifications).

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