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Since 1979

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Showrooms:  281 Hackney Road, London  E2 8NA

Parking:  The Yard, Yorkton Street, London E2 8NH

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Home About us Bed Frames Guarantee Emporium Reduced Deliveries Contact

All are expertly handmade in our Shoreditch Workshops.

4. In house quality control

3. 100% Cotton covers

1. Natural fillings

2. Quality springs

Wool and cotton are quality components. Good fillings are equally as important as good springs. Natural fillings are costly and unsuitable for volume production. They are more comfortable and long lasting than man made fibres, and absorb and disperse heat more effectively.

We choose our springs carefully. The high count ‘Pocket’ springs are from a top Yorkshire maker, and the ‘Open Coil’ springs are from a leading German manufacturer.

Traditional cotton featherproof ‘tickings’ (mattress covers) allow the mattress to ‘breathe’. Pure Egyptian or Lancashire tickings yield comfort and durability that more commonly available synthetic covers cannot provide.

7. Gimmick free

Other manufacturers use gimmicks which may add to, or even save manufacturing costs, but do little to improve the quality.

These include:

Double layers of springs. ‘Single Sided No Turn’ and ‘Summer and Winter Sided’ mattresses. Fancy stitching. Sprinklings of cashmere, silk and mohair. Heat retaining puffy foams and fibres. Clammy, moisture retaining textiles. The list is ever changing. Our aims are simple - No frills, just time proven quality and value.

5. Direct from the maker

6. Availability and choice

Eight standard UK sizes and four different types are available. We also make bespoke sizes which are suitable for all types of bed - not just our own.  

We offer exceptional value because there is no middle man. We have a straightforward pricing policy and are able to offer a higher specification at a lower cost. Our prices are genuine, and our mattresses are still chosen when others reduce theirs.

Quality Handmade Mattresses

As mattress makers with over 30 years experience, we have the expertise to guide you through the process of choosing a mattress.  

We display a  comprehensive range in our factory showroom, all of which have a ten year guarantee. You will discover that it is not necessary to pay the high prices demanded by prestige manufacturers  and fancy retailers to ensure quality and lasting comfort.

We demystify a straightforward subject and explain the differences between the various types, giving customers a clear idea of what they pay for, and why.


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We have thousands of satisfied customers.