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Home About us Bed Frames Mattresses Guarantee Emporium Reduced Deliveries Contact 65" (165 cm wide), 25" (63 cm) deep, 6" (15 cm) high + 2” (5 cm) wheels

These can also be deepened for extra storage. (See above)
Platform drawer

Fitted Drawers: Guided, on wheels. A footboard panel conceals the drawer at the foot end.

Fitted drawers cannot be ordered retrospectively.



oak fronted

1 drawer




2 drawers




Fully integrated, fitted and guided, they run on wheels and can be fitted on either or both sides of the bed. The Manhattan and Daniella beds are lower, and the wheels are replaced by polypropylene glides (domes) to reduce the drawer height. Handles are required, as one cannot pull the drawer from underneath.

Two standard sized drawers fit under 5’0 and wider beds. They can be adapted to fit under narrower beds for £7  per drawer extra. Plywood dust covers are optional. Platform beds can also take the free standing drawers above.

Platform Bed Drawers

(also suitable for the Daniella and Manhattan beds)

Taller than the other drawers by 2" (5 cm). They sit directly on the floor on furniture glides and not on wheels. They have the advantage that they can be ordered at any time and placed anywhere under the bed, and are especially useful if access is required from the front of the bed. They are supplied with wooden knobs as standard.

Plywood dust covers are optional.   





ply cover


33” (84 cm)






49” (125 cm)






65” (165 cm)





All are 25" (64 cm) deep, and 8" (20 cm) high

Free Standing Drawers Suitable for all bed frames.





ply cover





Three quarter length with side panel.

Internal measurements:

54¼ "(138) x 23"(58) x 5"(13).

Full length

Internal measurements:

70½"(179) x 23"(58) x 5"(13).

Deeper drawers

Require longer bed legs and larger footboard panel

Drawer fronts raised by up to 4” (100 mm),

Single beds - 1 drawer + £50

Double beds -1 drawer + £60, 2 drawers+£80

Full length drawers

Deeper drawer

Regular drawer

Fitted and guided