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Wooden Beds and Natural Filled Mattresses

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Grays Inn

From 1979 until today our aims have remained the same:


Hackney Road (1995)

Our current showrooms are located close to the City of London and are well served by public transport.

They are just a stone’s throw from our Shoreditch workshops where we offer customers free car parking on weekdays.

We display twenty beds in various sizes and finishes, and the full range of mattresses for customers to sample.

Local attractions include Columbia and Broadway Markets and the Geffrye Museum’s famous domestic furniture exhibitions.

Map and directions

Grays Inn

Grays Inn Road, Clerkenwell (1982).

Chalk Farm Road, Camden Lock

Maintaining the local tradition

We moved our workshops to Shoreditch in the mid 1980’s when the area was very run down, but still the heart of London’s once flourishing furniture making industry.

For nearly two centuries hundreds of Shoreditch's back street (sweatshops?) and factories had supplied the world’s most prestigious furniture stores. In those days there was still a thriving export market for British furniture, and over 90% sold in Britain was produced here.

On Sunday mornings the local manufacturers would pile their merchandise on the pavements of Hackney Road, and canny buyers could shop at ‘East End’ rather than ‘West End’ prices.

Today Shoreditch is famed for creative industries and is one of the most vibrant districts in London. The warehouses and workshops have given way to art galleries, nightclubs and restaurants. However the historic street markets remain unchanged.

We welcome this trend, whilst continuing to sell our beds and mattresses direct to the public at workshop prices.

Camden Lock (1986)

The ‘Victorian’ style shop front was built in our workshops by our own craftsmen. It was destroyed in a fire some years later.

It was around that time that we decided to make mattresses. The small, local craft makers who had supplied us were fast disappearing in favour of larger, high volume manufacturers outside of London.

We took on extra staff and continued to provide the same traditional, handmade mattresses which remain virtually unchanged to this day.

Hackney Road, Shoreditch

Bed and breakfast? (1982)

After three years of working from a basement we acquired and restored a run down listed building in Clerkenwell which was our first showroom.

We made just one bed - the ever popular ‘Custom’.  So to help pay the rent we opened a surprisingly popular vegetarian café at the rear.

As the cafe grew and the bed range increased we were obliged to move the showroom to Camden Lock. (below)


Our café continued for twelve years before eventually reverting back to a showroom for a further six.


Traditional, time proven methods have ensured that our wooden beds and natural filled mattresses

remain in good condition for many years. We sell direct to the public and

our comprehensive range is on display in our Shoreditch showroom.