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A pocket spring mattress is usually more costly but not necessarily better.

A top quality open coil mattress will be far better than most of the pocket spring mattresses on the market. The quantity and type of filling is equally, if not more important than the springs.  

The final choice is subjective as both can be long lasting and comfortable.

Each type has advantages. A decision should be made on that basis rather than price.

5)  No nonsense

We disregard the latest ploys and gimmicks contrived to give an impression of quality but which do little else.

These include: extra long, or multiple layers of springs; puffy fillings that increase volume and depth; miraculous new foams; pointless sprinklings of cashmere, silk and mohair; ’‘no-turn’ and ‘seasonal-turn’ mattresses; ‘pillow tops’; unnecessary embellishment; ‘Which?’ magazine’s questionable ratings. The list is constantly changing.

6)  Availability and choice

Our range consists of nine different mattresses in eight sizes. In addition, a full range of bespoke sizes suitable for all types of bed base are produced quickly and economically.

All are carefully and expertly made in our own workshops.

4)  Quality control

1)  Even temperatures

2)  Quality springs

Durable wool and cotton filings absorb and disperse heat more effectively than artificial fibres. They are more costly and demand labour intensive methods which makes them unsuitable for high speed, volume production.

Quality springs are essential. Our ‘Pocket’ springs are supplied by a top Yorkshire maker, and the precision ‘Open Coil’ springs are from a leading German manufacturer.

3)  Egyptian cotton covers

The tightly woven, 100% cotton, feather proof ’tickings’ allow the mattress to ‘breathe’. They are extremely durable and provide comfort that the cheaper and more widely available synthetic covers simply cannot.

These luxurious mattresses are supplied with ‘Medium’, ‘Firm’ and ‘Soft’ British made springs. All are generously filled with 3.4 kilograms of recycled wool plus 1.8 kilograms of white cotton per square metre. The responsive springs contour readily to one’s body to meet the most demanding of needs.

Many mattresses costing two or three times more are neither better nor markedly different.

Price range: £460 to £970

Our open coil mattresses remain popular because they are superior to the vast majority of synthetic, mass produced mattresses on the market today - be they pocket sprung, the latest hybrid, or bed-in-a-box etc.

We produce three qualities with equal care. All have wool filings, pure cotton covers, and medium or firm springs. Time-honoured and traditional, they absorb body heat and have a reassuringly substantial feel.

Price range: £240 to £735

We are mattress makers who have been supplying natural filled mattresses since 1979.

All are displayed in our Shoreditch showroom. Visit us and we will demystify

a relatively straightforward subject and help you avoid potential pitfalls.


7)  Value direct from the maker

We offer a higher specification for less cost.

There is no ‘middle man’.

Year round keen pricing means that any time is a good time to buy.

We remain busy when other vendors drop their prices and customers compare true value.

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